Success in selling real estate highly depends on the quality of its presentation. With two decades experience in real estate photography I gathered techniques to solve the usual problems when photographing in confined spaces, yet always focusing on a natural depiction. At HACKLPHOTO you'll get highest quality real estate photography including aerial photography, 360 degree and virtual tours.





Declaration of consent for aerial




High quality photographs are an excellent basis for excellent exposés.  HACKLPHOTO always focuses on natural depiction. A careful use of tilt/shift lenses guarantees well corrected and close to distortion free photographs. Using these lenses it is also possible to shoot straight in a mirror without being seen in the reflection.



Haven't we all experienced at lest once; door frames limit the view we have into a room. By stitching we can widen this view, even distortion free to a certain degree. If necessary stitching is part of any photography package you purchase without any additional cost.



Aerial photographs provide your customer with an overview of the building's surroundings. We are allowed to shoot with our drone in any hight up to 100 meters. All the necessary permits as well as insurance are in place. The Verordnung zur Regelung des Betriebs von unbemannten Fluggeräten prohibits flights over residential areas without the owners declaration of consent which can be downloaded here. No permits are needed for photographs made with our high riser from up to ten meters hight.



The best way to get to know real estate is a virtual tour. 360 degree views with the option to zoom in to the images offer an excellent first impression of your objects. HTML5 tours are hosted on our servers and we'll provide you with a link which you can forward to your prospective customers or include in your online exposé. This way you'll save plenty of time by avoiding unnecessary visits to your properties.


360° panoramic images are not the classic way of presenting real estate, yet are produced as a byproduct with any virtual tour and, besides, have  a unique look. Of course, 360° photographs can be ordered separately as well.



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